Second life: #2 Task

I think this task was easy. Flying around is fun. But the only problem that I had was camera angles. I play First Shooting games, so I got used to having those angles. Ever for flying was difficult. I had some snapshot to share!

3 comentarios:

  1. Great photos, Wilson. Looks like the SL sun set while you were taking your photo trip. A typical SL day lasts 4 hours. You can reset your sun using the World dropdown menu. Just select Sun and reset it to Noon.

  2. Did you get a chance to play Zombie Meltdown and get your free IT t-shirt? Iowa Island was a great place to get a little more experience running around and flying. I am not a huge fan of virtual worlds but Second Life is growing on me. Happy Trails in SL, maybe I will see you around there sometime.

  3. I couldn't get any t-shirt because when I went there there were nobody. The only problem is you need money to buy stuff and I don't have money. I will figure out how to get money. See you Around!