#5 - Take a Tour of Second Life

In this quest I decided to take the Real World Locations Tours. I think this is a very good opportunity to history and geography teachers because you don't have travel in order to give a class about a specific place.

I went to Cologne Cathedral and St. Louis Arch. at those places it was boring because there were nobody there, and the problem I couldn't find information in the places.

Then I went to the great wall and It was awesome! I saw some samurais fighting each other. Actually I ran away because one of them started to follow me (LOL).

After that I went to the Sistine Chapel. I believe this place is so cool, because there is a lot of information including on it, you can interact with almost everything.

St. Paul Cathedral was OK. It has a shop and a Coffee shop. But I couldn't fins information about it. The only thing that I found was a bible that gave me a passage.

Going on with my visits, I went to The Villa Capra “La Rotunda". It is principality in Italy. I found that because I started to talk with a guy there. he was so friendly and he permitted me to take a picture of him! (At this point I am behaving as a tourist!)

Next Destination: Africa

If you have traveled abroad, you know that you always found people from your country, or at least people you speak your language. Well Guess what, I found Spanish speakers! They were students from E -e-learning FATLA Planet. They were walking around SL as I was doing it. That was awesome and weird. I thought those kind of things just happened in real life, Now I can say that It also happens in SL.

Almost Done: Natural History Museum of Vienna.

I think this is great! A real museum with real exhibits. I was really excited by I must say that at the end I was a kind of disappointed, because it was not so good. The only thing that I really liked was the big Dinosaur (I got I photo :D ).

Last Destination: Golden Gate Bridge

What I can say? Awesome! The good thing about GGB that I could fly to see all the place. But I could not find to much people in this quest.

As a conclusion, I can just say that SL give us the opportunity to visit places that I can't ever imagine before. It is a extraordinary resource for research and conduct tours and provide learning from experience. And also, I saved a couple of dollars doing it!



#4 - Getting Fashionable

I will be very honest. At the beginning I really hate this. I thought it was so difficult to work with outfits in SL. I spent an entire afternoon playing with my Avatar (It was before watching the tutorial video and realized that my Inventory was a mess!)
SO, I made some research about where w
e can find item for free. This web it was so useful because I could move from one place to another.

Well, I think I did what I wanted. In those sites I found a lot resources. But I thing I still need to keep in touch with some things in SL. Even tho
ugh I found a lot of stuff I couldn't use them. I think this part of being fashionable need more time to improve

I couldn't change some things of my avatar like face and some clothes.
Anyway I am spending a very good time doing this. I think I am becoming a Second Life Follower.

Fist Avatar!

Second Avatar!

Last Avatar! (Ready to Re-Kill Zombies)

#3 - Journeying Into Second Life

I have already finished my Third SL Task. It was not so difficult. I could notice that there is a bug in this version. When you press Pg Up Button to fly, you cannot stop flying. At the beginning I thought it was my connection or my computer but that happened to me three times. the thing that I really love was the gestures. I would like to know if we can add more gestures.
Also, the other thing caught my attention was the enterprise that has headquarters in Second Life. I think this technology really helps to create connections around the world.
What I really hated was to change my Appearance. It was a nightmare. I could do some things, but I need to work more in my character.

I have some snapshots with my new appearance and making gestures!

Peace out!


Second life: #2 Task

I think this task was easy. Flying around is fun. But the only problem that I had was camera angles. I play First Shooting games, so I got used to having those angles. Ever for flying was difficult. I had some snapshot to share!


Second Life: Virtually Real

I heard about second life many years ago. Once I tried to join myself to it but I did not have the knowledge (and time) to do it. Now, I have the opportunity to do it again. In my first task, I went to different places. I went to a zombie land, London and some Islands. I think second Life has advantages and disadvantages. You can interact with others and create stories and other life, but is it good?I mean, from my point of you, it is insane to go to a virtual world and not to be yourself. For me, it is very difficult to be another person. But this is just the beginning of this game. Let's see what I will find in SL.