#5 - Take a Tour of Second Life

In this quest I decided to take the Real World Locations Tours. I think this is a very good opportunity to history and geography teachers because you don't have travel in order to give a class about a specific place.

I went to Cologne Cathedral and St. Louis Arch. at those places it was boring because there were nobody there, and the problem I couldn't find information in the places.

Then I went to the great wall and It was awesome! I saw some samurais fighting each other. Actually I ran away because one of them started to follow me (LOL).

After that I went to the Sistine Chapel. I believe this place is so cool, because there is a lot of information including on it, you can interact with almost everything.

St. Paul Cathedral was OK. It has a shop and a Coffee shop. But I couldn't fins information about it. The only thing that I found was a bible that gave me a passage.

Going on with my visits, I went to The Villa Capra “La Rotunda". It is principality in Italy. I found that because I started to talk with a guy there. he was so friendly and he permitted me to take a picture of him! (At this point I am behaving as a tourist!)

Next Destination: Africa

If you have traveled abroad, you know that you always found people from your country, or at least people you speak your language. Well Guess what, I found Spanish speakers! They were students from E -e-learning FATLA Planet. They were walking around SL as I was doing it. That was awesome and weird. I thought those kind of things just happened in real life, Now I can say that It also happens in SL.

Almost Done: Natural History Museum of Vienna.

I think this is great! A real museum with real exhibits. I was really excited by I must say that at the end I was a kind of disappointed, because it was not so good. The only thing that I really liked was the big Dinosaur (I got I photo :D ).

Last Destination: Golden Gate Bridge

What I can say? Awesome! The good thing about GGB that I could fly to see all the place. But I could not find to much people in this quest.

As a conclusion, I can just say that SL give us the opportunity to visit places that I can't ever imagine before. It is a extraordinary resource for research and conduct tours and provide learning from experience. And also, I saved a couple of dollars doing it!


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