Speech Recognition

After the class, I stayed on -line for a couple of minutes to talk with Professor Zeits about what I could do, because I am not a blogger. I asked If a could make a video and he agreed about it. So today I was trying to record a video and idea showed up in my mind. Speech Reconigtion!!
This tool is included in every Windows 7 and XP (I guess). So I started to play for a couple of minutes with this and you know what? It is amazing! you can control your entire PC with it.You can write, open program and so on... Educational Uses?

There are plenty of it!

Pronunciation and reading skill can be improved using this.

For TESOL, you can practice Imperatives.

Here two links that I found about Speech Recognition

How to Activate Speech Recognition

Accessibility in Windows 7

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  1. That seems cool ! I will try it as soon as I get some time. did you record anything to blog it?

  2. Wilson, as I watched the link I remembered that I activated speech recognition on my Laptop once, but I in't find it useful. could you use it instead of typing things in a software like word? or office?

  3. Here is the Mac version with a short explanation. Some of my students like to use it because they are too lazy to type :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSmxcfKmFYY&feature=related

  4. Aquí está la versión para Mac con una breve explicación. Algunos de mis estudiantes les gusta usar porque son demasiado perezosos para escribir
    :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSmxcfKmFYY&feature=related

  5. I also tried to activate the voice activation feature on my windows machine and three hours later it was still struggling to do the things I wanted it to do. I have also tried it on my iPad, to much more success, in dictation and searching.Maybe I just didn't give it a fair shake but my frustration level was through the roof with my windows machine (windows 7). I would be interested. One of the dictation software packages I found was dragon, it seemed to work pretty well depending on the accent of the user.

  6. Yes, speech recognition is a powerful tool. I have used Mac Speech in the past but it took too long to teach it my voice. I am amazed at how well my phone can recognize my voice and give me the things I need.

    Dragon Dictate is a free apps for my iPad that is unbelievable. It will recognize almost anything that I say . . . and there is no training time either.

    Here's a video example. These are always good to include. http://tinyurl.com/3r7v82d

    I tried your first link but they have taken it off the internet.


  7. When I visited my high school library last fall, while doing some classroom observation, our librarian introduced me to the Dragon Dictate program. I couldn't believe how useful this little program was proving to be, in the ELL classroom and with students who struggle with reading comprehension. Using the dictation tool to turn speech to text seems so powerful!

    I think using speech recognition in the classroom might be helpful for teachers, since we have such busy schedules and sometimes are crunched for time. I was just thinking, what if you could program Dragon Dictate to display on a Promethean board, so you as the teacher could simply speak, and what you say would be projected for your students?