How do I start on Twitter? Well, Use hashtags.org

I have had a twitter account since last year. At the beginning I didn't know how to use it. After a couple of hour I decided not to use twitter because I had not found its use. When Dr. Z said "we are going to use twitter", I said to myself: "Oh boy, We'got a problem here". After a few weeks and also, after being added to #theaccused hashtag, (because I haven't tweeted in my class) and after the creation of #UNI_theaccused , I realized that the key is: Hashtag :)
But, wait a second.... Where I find them?? Easy man... http://hashtags.org/.

http://hashtags.org/ is a web page that track hashtags in twitter and give some information about them
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So Let's start Tweeting!

4 comentarios:

  1. So how do you like twitter so far now that you have to use it for class?

  2. That's an interesting experience.I had never used twitter until I came to US . The first time I heard hashtag was in Dr.Z's online class. I still remebered I was totally confused.I didn't even get the word "hashtag" because I had never heard it before. I googled #eitF2011( I wrote down this hashtag but I didn't know it was a hashtag. Funny? Aha~), but there was no any result. Eventually, Dr.Z gave me the answer. Now, we both learned how to use twitter and tweetDeck,didn't we? :)

  3. I'm with you, Wilson! I was confused about Twitter, too. It's still a little overwhelming when I use TweetDeck, but I'm getting used to it. The hastag website you posted is cool! Its so easy to be a stalker online nowadays!

  4. I'm impressed at how much you work to understand things for this class! I know last time we met for class you were a little bit discouraged about blogging, but it seems like you are doing just fine my friend! Keep up the good work! You will find that Twitter is both fun personally and very useful professionally. The more people you follow and the more times you tweet the better you will get at it!